Fleur De Reine

Overall this cigar didn’t get interesting until the final third. To be clear this wasn’t a bad smoke. I’d smoke it again - and hope that when I do it will perform differently. There were construction issues in this particular example (lightly and unevenly rolled, loose seams and discoloration), which may be the reason why it burned unevenly and I had to relight it once. I really wanted to like this cigar but there were too many issues in this particular case. If the cigar smoked and tasted the way it smelled, we’d have ourselves a serious contender. Unfortunately that never really happened.

Wrapper: Sumatra / Binder: Dominican Republic / Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan

Vitola: Cinq / Size: 5.5×54

Slightly sweetened tea, graham cracker

Dark or burnt molasses

Graham Cracker, Tea

Baking spices, nutmeg, faint white pepper. Noticeable charred or burnt taste as the 1st third moved into the 2nd third. It wasn’t notable.

More of the same from first third. There wasn’t much change throughout the 2nd third of this cigar on this review. It’s like the cigar was asleep.

White pepper spice shows up nicely. It’s like the cigar finally woke up. Good change here and cigar became enjoyable.

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Guy Wasko

Guy has been smoking premium cigars since 1997, has enjoyed a cigar in 11 different countries and lives in the East Village of Manhattan. He’s also co-founder of Three Kings Cigar Co.