MEERAPFEL Cigar launches “Meir” Corona Gorda & Lonsdale Vitolas


Switzerland-July 9, 2024

Established in 1610, the MEERAPFEL family operates the oldest business in the premium cigar industry.  The “Meir” Master Blend honors Meir MEERAPFEL, the great-great grandfather of the current family generation. Meir built the original MEERAPFEL Cigar factory in September of 1876.

The depth of Meir MEERAPFEL’s character is expressed in the “Meir” Master Blend. One of the greatest minds and leaders of his time, Meir defined a new era of UberLuxury, firmly rooted in the old-European tradition of excellence and finesse.

Following its most recent accolades and international awards, MEERAPFEL Cigar introduces two new vitolas to the “Meir” Master Blend:  Corona Gorda (5 1⁄2 x 46) and Lonsdale (6 3⁄4 x 43), presented in the brand’s iconic humidity-controlled chests, each holding 25 cigars.

As with every MEERAPFEL Cigar, production is strictly limited to 613 chests yearly per vitola; uniquely allocated to partnered premium cigar retailers around the world.

In September of 1876, Meir MEERAPFEL officially established the MEERAPFEL cigar factory in the village of Untergrombach, Germany. Vision turned into history and a new era had begun for the Premium Cigar Industry.  The “Meir” Master Blend is the quintessential expression of his visionary, mystical and philosophical character. It’s reminiscent of old European elegance; the commitment to excellence, and traditional values – the GENESIS of UberLuxury.

Two new vitolas in the MEERAPFEL Cigar “Meir” Master Blend are introduced: Corona Gorda and Lonsdale.  Despite the cigar industry’s trend towards large ring gauges, MEERAPFEL Cigar has deliberately preserved original vitolas, reflecting the family’s covenant to tradition, heritage and refusing to compromise UberLuxury.
The unveiling of these masterpieces is accompanied by the premiere of MEERAPFEL Cigar movie “Méditerranée”.
“Respecting the history of the MEERAPFEL family and cigar culture, we have selected these classical vitolas to proudly stage the genuine MEERAPFEL vintage Cameroon wrapper, which dresses all our Master Blends. The Meir Master Blend, radiating elegance and finesse, is particularly amplified in these vitolas, culminating in a very complex and mystical experience”, describes Reinhard Pohorec, Vice President MEERAPFEL Cigar.

As with every MEERAPFEL Cigar, the “Meir” Corona Gorda (5 1⁄2 x 46; SRP: 46,00 EUR / 43,00 USD per cigar) and Lonsdale (6 3⁄4 x 43; SRP: 55,00 EUR / 51,00 USD per cigar), will be presented in the brand’s iconic humidity-controlled chests holding 25 cigars.  Each vitola is strictly limited to 613 chests per year. MEERAPFEL Cigar are currently shipping.