La Casa del Habano de Cancún

La Casa Del Habno de Cancún

Cancún’s zona hotelera, or hotel zone, is a beautiful cigar lounge and humidor with a bar. This hotel zone is a strip of land in the shape of the number seven. La Casa del Habano Cancún is smashed between two luxury malls: Plaza La Isla to the north and Plaza Kukulkan to the south. More importantly, it is within walking distance from where I am staying for three weeks.

The ambiance of La Casa del Habano Cancún is reminiscent of many cigar lounges you might visit in the United States of America. It boasts a variety of leather chairs, ashtrays, and cigar decor, along with images of Cuba, famous figures and locations, jerseys, and cigar accessories for sale. What sets it apart is its extensive collection of cigars, including a substantial Cuban selection, unbanded Cuban cigars, and freshly rolled house cigars made with Cuban tobacco and rolled in-house by the skilled torcedor, Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s cigar rolling station is a unique feature, equipped with all the tools one would see on a factory tour, and he rolls cigars daily. The lounge also houses a Harley Davidson motorcycle, an oversized chess set, and a beautiful Cuban domino table. Four large televisions offer a variety of sports and movies, and there’s an outdoor area covered by a traditional palm roof with similar seating arrangements and smoking accessories..

The staff at La Casa del Habano Cancún are not just good, but fantastic. They are attentive and can communicate in English, making it easier for international visitors. David, the bartender, ensures the drinks keep flowing around the lounge and bar. Cary, the cigar Connoisseur, is a valuable resource, helping patrons navigate the abundance of choices. Both of them excel in their roles, even in such a busy location. Other staff members, like Daniella, also contribute to the smooth operation of the place. The restaurant attached to the building, La Tia Juana, is another highlight. It’s a great little place with good food, and you can order food inside the bar and lounge, and they will bring it to you, or you can eat there separately in a small covered area outside.  

It is getting increasingly tricky to smoke in Mexico publicly, and one runs the risk of being fined if one chooses to smoke. That being said, I have seen many people smoking cigarettes and vapes. The resorts may or may not allow smoking and/or have a designated area, so doing your research is essential. Even so, many will publicly state one thing, but it is not enforced once you arrive and ask the staff. As was my experience in Tulum and here in Cancún. 

I am sitting here while writing this article, enjoying the atmosphere and an in-house-made Robusto, which is said to be a full-body cigar. I am also enjoying some Havana Club Seven Year, which is my rum of choice when outside the United States. If you are worried about increasing Cuban cigar prices, I would be open to unbanded or house-rolled cigars. I will continue to smoke here and at my Airbnb for the next couple of weeks, enjoying these bastions of freedom when I can.

If you ever find yourself in Cancún, I would make it your mission to come here and smoke a cigar. 

Steven Ramos

I have been smoking cigars for over ten years. I am the son of a Honduran immigrant and a family that loves cigars and the people who make them. I want to learn and smoke as much as I can so that I may help broaden the minds of the cigar community. I have a background in history and education and hope to use that in my quest for knowledge and research. I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran. So far, I have traveled to twelve different countries loving the cultures and people I have met.