Privada Cigar Club Embarks on European Expansion and Technological Innovation

Privada Cigar Club Embarks on European Expansion and Technological Innovation

In an ambitious move to revolutionize the cigar retail industry and reclaim influence from large corporations, Privada Cigar Club (PCC), led by the visionary Brian Desind, is not only aiming to dominate the market but is also setting its sights on expanding its presence in Europe. Desind, a prominent figure in PCC and the Limited Cigar Association (LCA), has recently been engaging with his audience on social media to share two major developments.

Firstly, Privada Cigar Club has been on a quest to enhance their order fulfillment process without sacrificing the personalized touch that their orders are famously known for. “The solution came to me almost like a vision – PIO,” Desind reveals. “Imagine a 500 sq ft grid that autonomously stores and selects your products, streamlining the process and freeing up time to focus on the personalized packaging our clients love.” PIO, a cutting-edge technology based in Norway, has not only facilitated this leap in efficiency but has also invited Desind to serve as its United States Brand Ambassador, marking Privada as the pioneer U.S. company to adopt this innovative system.

The journey didn’t stop there; it extended to Norway, one of the few countries outside the U.S. where Privada has its footprint. Desind reached out to Arndt, who has been spearheading LCA Norway for two years. A grand celebration is expected in Stavanger, Norway, on Friday the 13th, drawing over a hundred guests from Norway’s cigar retail and cultural sectors.

The next phase of expansion involved Germany and Hungary, through a partnership with a major importer. “In Europe, Privada is akin to the allure of Cuban cigars in the States – a coveted ‘forbidden fruit’. It’s time for change, and we’re here to lead it,” Desind states confidently. Following Norway, the Privada team is set to dazzle Budapest with a rooftop party celebrating the city’s elite cigar clientele and retailers, before heading to Berlin. There, a pop-up installation will explore the intersections of cigars, culture, and art in collaboration with a local art collective. The European tour culminates in Berlin with a final event at one of the city’s premier cigar lounges, captured by Privada’s video team led by Tyler Tamburino and William Brance, editor for Cigar Public.

Desind concludes, “The stage is set. Whether you’re with us or against us, we’ve changed the game, and we’re just getting started. Our mission is to demystify cigars, making them fun and accessible, even to those new to the world of cigars. It’s time to separate myth from fact and open up this rich culture to a wider audience.”

Privada Cigar Club’s European venture and technological advancements signify a major leap forward in their mission to transform the cigar industry, inviting both aficionados and newcomers to join in their journey.