Impacting Lives Through the Cigar Community

Impacting Lives Through the Cigar Community

In an era dominated by personal devices, self-concerns, and myriad challenges, finding communities committed to mutual support and generosity offers a refreshing contrast. The cigar industry stands out as one such community, characterized by its culture of giving back. While this article highlights a selection of organizations and brands known for their philanthropic efforts, it’s important to recognize that they represent just a fraction of the many contributors within this generous community.

Military Support Initiatives

Cigars for Warriors

Our Mission: To honor our troops by delivering over 1.5 million donated cigars worldwide, thanks to our volunteers, partners, and generous donors. Support us through:
Cigar Donations: Send cigars via mail or drop-off at over 540 locations in the US.
Financial Contributions: Donate through our website to cover shipping costs for cigar donations.
Volunteering: Join us in organizing events or day-to-day operations.

Behind the Scenes: Founded in 2012 by CEO Storm Boen, a Gulf War veteran inspired by the camaraderie of sharing cigars in the field, Cigars for Warriors has become a 501(c)3 charity that prides itself on a high donation-to-mission ratio and transparency. The greatest needs currently are cash donations, cigars, and volunteer support.

Stogies for Servicemen

Origin Story: Six years ago, Shaun began sending care packages to his brother-in-law in the Air Force, sparking the birth of Stogies for Servicemen. This initiative uniquely personalizes care packages for soldiers based on their preferences, growing from ten to over 28 packages a month.

How to Support: Reach out via Instagram (@StogiesforServicemen) or send cigar packages directly to their address. A dedicated website is underway.

Brand Missions with a Cause

Hooten Young
Mission: To foster a community among veterans and civilians who enjoy cigars, emphasizing mutual respect and camaraderie, with a portion of proceeds supporting veteran-related charities.

Caliber Cigar
Purpose: A venture aimed at supporting K9s for Warriors by donating a portion of proceeds from sales, created by a collaboration including artwork and cigar sourcing efforts.

Community-Supporting Foundations

Fuente & JC Newman (Cigar Family Charitable Foundation)

Mission & Vision: Dedicated to improving lives in the Dominican Republic through education, healthcare, and sustainable employment initiatives. Their largest fundraiser, Toast Across America, unites cigar enthusiasts for a cause.

Black Star Line

Mission: Aric Bey, combining his passions for firefighting and cigars, dedicates a portion of proceeds from “Mr. Fahrenheit” sales to the Ignite the Spirit charity, supporting firefighter families.

Regina Cigars

Origin: Inspired by a Christmas reflection, Pete Bond launched Regina Cigars to support the Farm of the Child orphanage in Honduras, contributing over $50,000 to date.

Chaffiot Collection Cigars

Purpose: Founded to combat human trafficking, Chaffiot Collection donates proceeds from each sale to organizations like Life Recaptured, Run Against Traffic, and Bikers Against Trafficking.

The cigar community’s spirit of giving extends far beyond the smoke. By choosing brands and organizations that align with charitable missions, enthusiasts can enjoy their passion while making a meaningful difference. For those aware of additional brands or organizations contributing positively, sharing their stories can amplify the impact of this generous community. Stay connected with us at or through our social media for more insights into the world of cigars and philanthropy.

John Cardenas

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