Foundation Cigars Rebrands Metepa & Introduces AKSUM

Ellington, Connecticut, February 20, 2024 – The Foundation Cigar Company, renowned for its innovative contributions to the premium cigar market, is thrilled to introduce AKSUM. This newly rebranded line, formerly known as METAPA, draws its inspiration from the historical site believed to house the Ark of the Covenant, continuing to offer the esteemed blend beloved by cigar aficionados.

The name AKSUM pays homage to the ancient and legendary city, embodying the Foundation Cigar Company’s dedication to blending tradition with innovation. The rebranding signifies a deeper connection to the brand’s roots—the Ark of the Covenant and its storied past.

Fans of the brand can rest assured, the beloved blend remains the same. Crafted under the expert guidance of Foundation Cigar Company’s Master Blender, Nicholas Melillo, AKSUM maintains its commitment to excellence and quality, ensuring the same rich, harmonious flavors that enthusiasts have come to expect.

Nicholas Melillo, the visionary behind Foundation Cigars, shared his enthusiasm for this new chapter: “The launch of AKSUM is a tribute to the sacred history of the Ark of the Covenant. This rebranding not only honors this history but also reaffirms our commitment to delivering an unparalleled smoking experience, maintaining the quality and taste our customers loved in Metapa.”

AKSUM’s packaging features an image of Ras Makonnen, Haile Selassie’s father and former governor of Aksum, a revered leader in Abyssinia and close advisor to Emperor Menelik II. This choice reflects the brand’s deep reverence for historical figures and eras that shape our world.

The AKSUM cigar line will be available for shipping to retailers nationwide later this week. Additionally, the line will be prominently featured at the upcoming PCA trade show in Las Vegas on March 23, 2024, offering attendees a firsthand look at this exciting evolution of the brand.


Aksum Maduro & Claro

Wrapper – Sumatra Ecuador
Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler – Esteli & Jalapa Nicaragua

  • Aksum 7 x 54 Double Corona – Soft Box Press – $18.00 per cigar / $180.00 per 10 count boxes.
  • Aksum 6 x 52 – Toro – Soft Box Press – $16.50 per cigar / $165.00 per 10 count boxes.
  • Aksum 5 x 50 – Robusto – Soft Box Press – $15.50 per cigar/ $155.00 per 10 count boxes.
  • Aksum 5 ½ x 48 Corona Gorda – Soft Box Press – $14.50 per cigar / $145.00 per 10 count boxes.