A Trip Down Memory Lane

What’s up Family.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to speak about my affinity for cigars.

Have you ever wondered why you have a reaction or interest in certain things, have you ever tied the interest to what you experienced in your past? Often you will notice that your experiences are the linkages to your new/current interest. In my case, specifically my history for the love of cigars started at an early adolescent age. lol

Yes, you heard that correctly. My father was an avid cigar smoker and I can remember as young as 7 years old watching my father sit in the backyard with his collection of cigars. Some of the cigar names I recall are Mark IV Windsor and Antonio Y Cleopatra. The vivid aroma from the cigar,  I did not appreciate as a youth growing up, but to find 30 plus years later I would adopt that same love and respect for the tobacco leaf speaks more to perception and perspective.

Sitting here while writing this review I would tell you -there is likely a solid story behind every man and woman that lights up a cigar. Every time I open my humidor and grab a maduro I think of my father, I get this image of his favorite cigar and whisky pairing doing a nice Midwest summer day, for me there’s nothing like it. So, the next time you grab a stick think about where it will take you,.

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane.

Thank you William and Cigar Public!


Steve Brookshire

Cigar Aficionado