Privada Customs Unleashes a New Era for Cigar Enthusiasts

Orlando, 02/01/24 – Privada Customs is proud to announce an innovative service that is set to transform the world of luxury cigars – offering cigar aficionados an unprecedented opportunity to play a direct role in crafting their own premium cigars. This groundbreaking approach marks the first time enthusiasts outside the professional cigar industry can influence every aspect of their cigar’s creation, from blending to aging.

A Revolutionary Customization Experience

Privada Cigar Club Customs ushers in a new era of cigar customization. Upon purchasing, members embark on an exclusive journey where their preferences are solicited through a series of emails within 5 to 14 days. They can choose their preferred manufacturer, the origin of production, and delve into the finer aspects of cigar making, selecting their desired type of wrapper, binder, and fillers.

Beyond the Blend: Shaping the Entire Cigar Experience

The customization doesn’t stop at blending. Members are also invited to influence additional aspects such as the duration of post-production aging and the presentation style of the final product. This level of involvement ensures that each cigar is not just a product, but a personal statement, reflecting the unique tastes and preferences of its creator.

Take the Reins of Luxury Cigar Crafting

Privada Customs is more than a service; it’s a journey into the heart of cigar craftsmanship. “We are thrilled to offer cigar lovers a way to express their individuality through our premium cigars. This is more than just choosing a cigar; it’s about creating an experience that is completely your own,” says [Spokesperson’s Name], [Title], of Privada Customs.

Privada Customs is ready to welcome you to a world where your choices shape the luxury cigar experience. Are you ready to take control and craft something truly extraordinary?