Abbina Craft Sipping Soda: A Novel Non-Alcoholic Pairing for Premium Cigars

Discover the Unique Harmony of Cigars and Craft Soda with Abbina

Albany, NY – In a pioneering move, the first-ever non-alcoholic craft soda line, Abbina (Italian for “to match” or “to combine”), is launched, specifically crafted to complement and enhance the experience of premium cigar smoking.

Charlie Albanetti, the visionary behind Abbina Craft Sipping Soda, was driven by the desire for a more intriguing non-alcoholic beverage to pair with cigars, surpassing the usual soda options. Abbina stands out with its unique flavors, incorporating earthy tones like beet and complex notes from saffron and patchouli. These flavors are meticulously blended to not only create new taste experiences when paired with cigars but also to reveal subtleties in the cigars that might otherwise go unnoticed.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the synergy of flavors, and soda has been my go-to pairing with cigars. However, I was searching for something more captivating,” shares Charlie Albanetti, founder and CEO of Abbina. “Abbina was born from my quest to enhance my own experience, and I believe it will resonate with fellow cigar enthusiasts.”

The journey of Abbina began with Charlie experimenting with flavor combinations at home. In December 2022, he took his vision to the next level, collaborating with a professional flavorist lab to develop formulas suitable for commercial production. The result is the first batch of Abbina Soda, now in production and bottling stages.

Available for pre-order at, Abbina Soda can be purchased in 12-12 fl oz bottle packs of each of the initial four flavors, or a mixed 12-count pack featuring three bottles of each flavor. Once production is finalized this week, these innovative beverages will be shipped from the Albany, NY warehouse, introducing a novel dimension to the cigar and beverage pairing experience across the United States.