Announcing the Return of the Black Friday Friends Club (BFFC)

Privada Cigar Club

Privada Cigar Club, a leading name in premium cigars, is excited to announce the comeback of the Black Friday Friends Club (BFFC). This yearly exclusive event invites cigar connoisseurs to an intriguing journey of mystery and unique flavors.

Exploring the BFFC

The BFFC offers more than just cigars; it’s an adventure. Each year, we carefully select a special collection, keeping its contents a secret until delivery. This year’s theme draws from the dynamic world of skateboard companies, blending adventurous spirits with exquisite tastes.

Embrace the Mystery for $199

For a price of $199, members receive a mystery box packed with top-quality cigars and exclusive skateboard-themed merchandise. The contents are a secret, making each box a thrilling and exclusive experience.

Why Skateboard Companies?

Skateboarding symbolizes freedom and an adventurous spirit, aligning perfectly with BFFC’s ethos. This year, incorporating the skateboard theme adds a novel and exciting element, appealing to both cigar enthusiasts and skateboard fans.

Join the Adventure

The BFFC is a once-a-year, limited-availability event. To participate, sign up on our website and gear up for a unique blend of mystery, luxury, and enjoyment.

About Us

Privada Cigar Club is renowned for its exceptional cigar experiences. We are dedicated to quality and innovation, consistently offering unique and memorable experiences to our members.

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