Lost Spirits Distillery

In a world where our attention is constantly divided, finding a place to truly disconnect and live in the moment is a rare gift. Lost Spirits Distillery in Las Vegas is one such place that allows you to put away your phone, immerse yourself in an incredible performance, and experience something unlike anything else. Having visited Las Vegas numerous times in the past, I can confidently say that Lost Spirits offers a unique and thrilling show that stands out.

Nestled within Area 15, Lost Spirits presents a contrast to the rest of Las Vegas. If you have a penchant for the arts, technology, or anything unconventional, this is the place for you. Immersion experiences, bars, zip lines, ax throwing, and a multitude of other activities ensure that boredom is never an option.

Upon arriving at the distillery, we acquired our tickets and waited for our entry. The art, carts, and vaudeville circus carnival-style atmosphere outside immediately immersed us in the experience. I chose to enjoy a Santa Muerte cigar while awaiting our turn, aligning with the night’s theme perfectly. Stepping through the grand red curtains, we entered an entirely different world for the evening. We received our drink tickets and a glass, both included with the show. Four distinct stations offered us the chance to taste their distilled rum, so I’d recommend planning for alternative transportation, like Uber, because you might not be in a state to drive by the end of the show. This is particularly true after savoring their navy strength rum, which certainly has a kick.

We kicked things off at the cream cherry rum station, which I wholeheartedly recommend. The show began with a performance on the first stage, and from there, we had the freedom to explore the various stages where different performances were simultaneously taking place. They had over 44 different performers, according to their website. Some rooms were interactive, such as the under-the-sea room, which was designed to simulate the rocking of a boat. Or maybe it was just the rum creeping up on me; probably a bit of both, haha. A distillery tour was also on the menu, which I couldn’t resist. The most mind-blowing aspect was witnessing how they age their rum. It’s the world’s first rum crafted using a patented hyper-speed aging technology that involves heat, light, and charred wooden blocks. It’s something you truly have to witness to believe. They even had a booth where you could purchase cocktails by Alex Velez from Drink Masters, a show on Netflix.

Lost Spirits offers other shows and experiences available for purchase, like the Séance Show, which provides an extra 90 minutes of entertainment with a mentalist and the performers. We were disappointed to find out that they were sold out for the night after speaking with one of the performers. So, be sure to book everything in advance as these experiences tend to sell out. It was an incredibly fun and entertaining evening. For those seeking a touch of elegance, they also offer a fine dining experience in the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea dining room, featuring a four-course meal prepared by Chef Taylor Persh. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be exploring different options on their list. Before leaving, they had bottles available for purchase at reasonable prices, considering the quality of rum you receive. This is a distillery experience unlike any other I’ve encountered, and it’s something you must experience for yourself. For more information, you can visit their https://lostspirits.net or check out their Instagram @lostspiritsdistillery.