Breaking: Arturo Fuente Issues Cease and Desist to Privada Cigar Club Over “F. F. Fox”

On September 26, 2023, Privada Cigar Club received a cease and desist letter from Arturo Fuente, alleging trademark infringement related to the use of the name “F. F. Fox” in Privada’s latest addition to their Wes Anderson Series.

Upon conducting research for this report, no trademarks associated with Arturo Fuente or its subsidiaries were found under the name “F. F. Fox.”

In an attempt to gather more information, we reached out to Brian Desind, the owner of Privada Cigar Club, for a comment, but he declined to provide a statement at this time. Additionally, attempts to reach Arturo Fuente for a comment before the posting of this article did not yield a response. We will continue to monitor this situation and update the article if a comment from Arturo Fuente becomes available.


UPDATE: Clarification on our research we found a trademark owned by Arturo Fuente for the FFOX however no such trademark exists for either F. F. Fox, FFFOX, or The F F Fox.