Dropping Soon: Cigar Music Volume 1

Orlando, FL – Privada Cigar Club HQ is set to launch “Cigar Music Volume 1” tomorrow night on its YouTube and SoundCloud platforms.

Brian Desind, founder of Privada Cigar Club and the Limited Cigar Association, said, “Cigar music emerged out of a clear necessity. Many cigar aficionados crave ambient music while indulging, but the usual classics can feel overplayed and lyrics can often disrupt the experience. We scoured the internet to discover artists on the cusp of breaking out, yet not yet globally known.”

He added, “In essence, don’t overcomplicate it; it’s purely good music to enhance your smoking experience.”

Fans can tune in tomorrow, Friday, September 15th, to immerse themselves in Privada’s uniquely curated playlist on their YouTube and SoundCloud channels. The selection promises a versatile mix from folk, pop, reggae, and more.

Notably, the music is mixed by DJ Chris Crisis, renowned for touring with artist Rittz, with Brian Desind stepping in as the MC. Grab your favorite cigar and prepare for a musical journey.