Privada Cigar Club Concludes Partnership with LouLiga Fishtown Cigar Lounge

PHILADELPHIA – August 23, 2023 – Privada Cigar Club and the team at LouLiga Fishtown Cigar Lounge announced this Wednesday the conclusion of their two-year-long partnership. Both entities have decided to pursue separate directions, enriched by the knowledge and growth gained from their collaborative journey.

Brian Desind, owner of Privada Cigar Club, emphasized the importance of the bond formed. “The camaraderie and friendships Lou and I have cultivated go beyond business partnerships. Every venture of Privada Cigar Club has been a learning curve, and our association with LouLiga was no different. It provided us with an invaluable understanding of what it truly means to sponsor a lounge. Though we have chosen to focus on other avenues than physical locations, the memories and experiences we crafted together with Lou and Todd will always be cherished.”

Clark Thornton, Director of the Limited Cigar Association, weighed in on their philosophy, “Everything we do at Privada is held to the highest standards. Our meticulous attention to detail, whether online or in-person, sets us apart. This partnership reinforced the realization that merely sponsoring a lounge without fully owning and controlling every facet doesn’t align with our core values. From top to bottom, every aspect must resonate with the Privada brand. Lou remains a dear friend, and our bond stays strong. However, future lounge sponsorships are currently off our radar.”

In response to our request for comment, Luis (LouLiga) Rodriguez declined to provide a statement.

The future affiliation of LouLiga Fishtown Cigar Lounge with the Limited Cigar Association remains to be announced.