Kelner Family & Privada Releasing Limited-Edition Blend In Tribute To Jopito

Unveiled last year in the Dominican Republic. it has just been announced that a very special project will soon be made available to the public in limited quantities. Reaching back into the past with the help of friends and family, Johannes Kelner set out to recreate his late father’s favorite blend. The result, made in collaboration with Privada Cigar Club, is the cigar that Jo “Jopito” Kelner and his brothers smoked every day as they worked to create a legacy that is still influencing the cigar industry decades later. The Jopito features internationally renowned Meerapfel African Cameroon wrapper leaf – widely considered to be the most expensive wrapper leaf in the entire cigar industry – around tobacco selected exclusively from Kelner family farms in the Dominican Republic.

“My father and his brothers grew some of the world’s most exceptional tobaccos for discerning smokers across Europe and America,” says Johannes Kelner. “To honor my father, Jopito Kelner, and his enduring legacy, we are releasing the ‘Jopito.’ This tribute cigar is the same blend they enjoyed daily, originally blended by famed Eladio Diaz, procured from the same rich farmlands and cultivated by the same dedicated families and then rolled by Victor De La Cruz at his factory in Tamboril. Victor was also part of the original Tabadom Factory team.”

Jopito is recognized by many as a driving force in Zino Davidoff’s decision to leave Cuba for the Dominican Republic. It is said that by the time Jopito’s brother – Hendrik “Henke” Kelner Sr. – established Tabadom in the 1980’s, Jopito was already responsible for more than half of the Dominican Republic’s crops. The blend, lovingly crafted by some of the people that knew him best for the first time since his passing, offers the same notes he experienced: apricot, cedar, and cinnamon set against undertones of charred wood, in addition to floral berries and hints of lemon.

Jopito, a 5.74 x 44 Corona, will launch in 25-count boxes that can be seen throughout the Finding Jopito documentary produced by Privada Media. Told through the memories of some of the industry’s most influential personalities, Jopito’s story has been captured vibrantly and is available for you to enjoy at absolutely no cost beyond your time and interest. Hear from luminaries like Henke Sr, Eladio Diaz, and Victor De La Cruz as Johannes brings us back to the early days of the story of Dominican premium cigar tobacco. Watch Finding Jopito by clicking here, and get ready for what may end up being one of the most anticipated releases of the year.