AVO Releases Summer Installment Of Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023

AVO Cigars has unveiled the latest installment of their AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023, a project featuring a unique diadema cigar for each season throughout the year. Crafted by the brand’s Master Blenders, these cigars are meticulously blended using tobaccos from diverse growing regions in countries like Ecuador and the Dominican Republic – some of which has been carefully aged for as many as 14 years prior to be deemed ready to be rolled. Edward Simon, the CMO at Oettinger Davidoff, encourages enthusiasts “to enjoy each cigar while experiencing a moment unique to each season: walking through a garden in spring, watching the setting sun on a summer evening, feeling the air turn crisp as autumn leaves fall, and sitting by a crackling fire in winter.”

The Summer edition of the AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 captures the vibrant and intense nature of the season. With a shiny and dark brown Ecuador Corojo wrapper, this diadema cigar boasts delightful notes of pepper. The Dominican filler tobaccos, one of which has been aged for 14 years, contribute creamy and fruity flavors. As the smoking experience progresses, the taste is enhanced by hints of dark chocolate. The careful blend of tobaccos creates a cigar that encapsulates the essence of summer.

Presented in boxes of ten, the packaging design of each 6.625 x 50 edition is meant to reflect the essence of the season it represents, incorporating icons, varnished patterns, and colors typical of each time of year. When the full collection is viewed as a whole, the boxes visually represent the flow of an entire year through interconnected patterns and themes. A total of 4,000 boxes will be made available across the world for each edition, with the U.S. market receiving just 1,400.