Your Weekly Whiskey Wednesday News Roundup!

Old Forester is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its return to Whiskey Row in downtown Louisville with exciting surprises for whiskey enthusiasts. Since the brand returned to the same building that it occupied prior to prohibition, Old Forester has experienced significant growth. Its business nationwide has doubled as bourbon lovers continue to discover – and rediscover – the storied brand. The distillery, which serves as a popular tourist attraction, welcomed over 126,000 visitors in 2022 alone. Each of them had the opportunity to explore the unique fermentation, distillation, maturation, and bottling processes, along with the onsite cooperage—the only major distiller to own and operate such a facility.

To commemorate the occasion, Old Forester is conducting surprise bottle drops throughout June, allowing consumers the chance to purchase rare bourbons like President’s Choice, the 117 Series, and the highly sought-after Birthday Bourbon. In addition to these celebrations, Old Forester also made a donation of $12,000 to the Center for Women and Families, a Louisville-based non-profit that supports women and families facing crises, including providing housing, support, and safety from domestic violence.

Situated in the heart of historic Whiskey Row, the Old Forester distillery pays homage to its 153-year-old legacy as the first-ever bottled bourbon since its establishment in 1870. “Old Forester is 153 years old, but we are always innovating and looking to the future,” said Old Forester Master Taster Melissa Rift. “Old Forester never gets old.” Visitors can choose between general tours and VIP guided tours and tastings at the historic Main Street location, experiencing the rich history and innovative spirit that defines Old Forester.

Woodford Reserve has just dropped the latest addition to its annual Distillery Series with the release of Wheat Whiskey Bottled in Bond, a limited-edition 375ml bottle. To qualify as Bottled In Bond, the whiskey must adhere to strict regulations established in the late 1800s, including being produced by a single distillery in a single distillation session, aged in a bonded warehouse for at least four years, and bottled at 50% ABV. The new release features Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey, carefully selected from a specific distilling season and aged in a bonded warehouse before being bottled at 100 proof.

“One of the best parts of my job is being able to work with Chris Morris to experiment with new ways of making Woodford Reserve,” said Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall. “Bottled in Bond whiskey has a long history in Kentucky and it has been exciting for Woodford Reserve to create this wheat whiskey within the Bottled in Bond requirements.”

The Distillery Series from Woodford Reserve, curated by McCall and Master Distiller Emeritus Chris Morris, debuted in 2015 showcases a diverse range of distinctive expressions that push the boundaries of whiskey-making. Available now for a suggested $59.99 each, this selection can currently be obtained in-person at the Woodford Reserve Distillery as well as from select Kentucky retailers.

Heaven Hill has unveiled Square 6 Wheated Bourbon as the newest addition to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. This marks the third release in the Square 6 series, crafted exclusively at the artisanal distillery located on Louisville’s Main Street near the original distillery site established by Evan Williams in 1783. The distillery shares that “the continuation of the Evan Williams Square 6 series distilled in the one barrel per day, hand crafted, copper pot still facility is a testament to Heaven Hill’s commitment to quality, craft, innovation, and tradition.”

Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau explains that “Blending two Wheated Bourbon mashbills gives Square 6 Wheated Bourbon a completely unique taste which differentiates it from others in the market. We are excited for fans of the Square 6 line to try this latest release and we hope Wheated Bourbon lovers will want to add this to their collections as well.”

The limited release of Square 6 Wheated Bourbon will be available in small quantities exclusively at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and select retailers in Kentucky, with a suggested retail price of $89.99.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is launching the Daniel Weller experimental line of bourbons, paying tribute to Daniel Weller, the forefather of the Weller family. Inspired by his pioneering spirit, the line explores the impact of different wheat strains on their bourbons. The inaugural release – Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat – features the ancient Egyptian grain rarely used in modern-day stills, giving the bourbon a distinct and unique flavor profile. Each release in the Daniel Weller series will come in a clear glass bottle with a compass stopper, revealing the coordinates of Daniel’s farm near Botland, KY. This first release launches this month for $499.99 per bottle. Not a typo, $499.99 per bottle.

Daniel Weller, grandfather to William Larue Weller and a Revolutionary War veteran, settled in Kentucky in 1794 and continued the family legacy of whiskey production. Buffalo Trace Distillery aims to honor his story and contribute to the whiskey world’s evolution. The Daniel Weller series will see one limited expression released every other year, showcasing their dedication to experimentation and innovation. Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley oversees the experiments, using the E.H. Taylor, Jr. Microstill for small-batch distillation.

Buffalo Trace believes that the world’s best whiskey has yet to be created, and their motto of “Honor Tradition, Embrace Change” reflects their commitment to pushing boundaries. The 12-year-aged Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat bourbon offers a fresh and nutty nose, with flavors of oak, honey, and orchard fruits on the palate, culminating in a complex oak-forward finish with spice and leather notes. This release represents their confidence in the whiskey and their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, in collaboration with Tribeca Festival and UnitedMasters, recently hosted “The New New York” event, shining a spotlight on emerging talent from across the five boroughs. The event showcased filmmakers nominated for the Tribeca Festival First Time Filmmakers award and featured musical performances by Brandon Blue, Liana Banks, and Tosh Alexander, among others. The Chelsea Factory venue provided a platform for connection and celebration of New York’s cultural impact.

In addition to the creative talent, the event highlighted the flavors of the five boroughs through curated cocktails and a menu inspired by each area’s distinct essence. The initiative also kicked off the 100-Hour Commitment, an effort by Bulleit and UnitedMasters to foster collaboration and mentorship between emerging and established artists. The event underscored the commitment of Bulleit and Tribeca Festival to celebrate exceptional voices and showcase the cultural landscape of New York.

The collaboration between Bulleit and UnitedMasters will continue with a summer-long program aimed at providing mentorship opportunities for aspiring artists. The event marked another chapter in Bulleit’s Pioneer Project, which champions and amplifies those breaking new ground in culture, showcasing the vibrant creative hub that is New York City.

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