Your Weekly Cigar News Roundup!

Covered extensivly throughout the past year, craft pioneers RoMa Craft Tobac are releasing Intemperance VO 1920 within the next few weeks. Named after The National Prohibition Act, better known as the Volstead Act, the new line represents RoMa Craft’s first new brand in 4 years. The VO 1920 boxes depict an iconic image of a seized barrel being emptied into the city’s sewers under the supervision of local and federal authorities. Each named after the law breakers and law officers of the day, there are 5 regular production sizes being launched ranging from $6.75 to $9.25 MSRP.

Showcasing a hybrid Sumatra wrapper grown in Ecuador, the binder leaves chosen for this highly anticipated blend are all Mexican San Andrés. Within, a combination of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Select shops across the country will not only be the first to receive the line, but also a new Intemperance sampler that will include various sizes of BA XXI, EC XVIII, and WR 1794 – in addition to a Pre-Release VO 1920 Senator Volstead Robusto. These shops will also get the first allotments of three of the line’s planned 6 annual limited edition sizes. Keep an eye out, we’ll let you know when they start appearing on shelves and sites!

Epic Cigars has announced their latest release – A Bronx Tale Premium Cigars – in collaboration with Chazz Palminteri and Paul DiSilvio of La Casa Grande Tobacco Company. This premium cigar pays homage to the iconic play turned movie classic and musical, A Bronx Tale, created by Chazz Palminteri. The cigar is a medium to full box-pressed Toro with a Cuban seed Ecuador Habano wrapper, Dominican binder, and a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

La Casa Grande Tobacco Company, known for its premium cigars handmade in the Bronx, worked with with Dean Parsons and Zander-Greg Imports to bring Palminteri’s cigar vision to life. To celebrate the launch, Chazz Palminteri will host a private party on June 28th at La Casa Grande’s cigar shop in the Bronx. The event, limited to ticketed guests, will offer food, drinks, and a box of A Bronx Tale cigars for each attendee.

A Bronx Tale holds great cultural significance, exploring themes of loyalty, family, and personal identity in a changing world. Chazz Palminteri dedicates this cigar to his grandfather, Calogero, and all hardworking immigrant families seeking a better life in the United States. Palminteri will appear at next month’s Premium Cigar Association trade show to debut the new cigar. Who else is ready to try this the instant it becomes available?

The result of a mislabeled allotment of tobacco, this new blend from Blackbird Cigar Co. was never supposed to exist. The way the story goes, the honest mistake of a brand new team member went completely unnoticed until a batch of a planned project was rolled and then put through quality assurance measures. The blend – even though the percentage of each tobacco used was confirmed to be accurate – was not providing the experience that the Master Blender was anticipating.

In the end, the percentages were right, but the tobaccos used actually differed from what was on the label. So focused on what this cigar wasn’t, this artisan hadn’t taken a moment to appreciate what it was. Sharing the situation and the cigar with his colleagues, everyone came to the realization that that this was the happiest accident they could have been presented with.On their way to shops across the country are Robusto and Toro formats of three blends: Claro, Habano, and Oscuro.

The Glitch Claro features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Mexican binder, and filler from the Dominican Republic & the USA. The Glitch Habano has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Mexican binder, as well as filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic & the USA. The Glitch Oscuro is wrapped with Mexican San Andres, uses Dominican binder and the same filler tobaccos as the rest of the lineup. Available for $6.10 for the Robusto format and $6.60 for Toro, expect to see this appearing all over social media in the coming days.

El Septimo, the rapidly growing luxury cigar brand, has achieved remarkable progress by opening numerous new cigar lounges in the past year. In today’s announcement, El Septimo revealed its collaboration with Corona Cigar Company to transform their brand new flagship location into an El Septimo Cigar Lounge. This partnership marks Corona Cigar Co.’s latest state-of-the-art retail store, featuring a cigar bar, premium lockers, and two upscale lounges, situated in the trendy Downtown Sarasota area of Florida. It also mark’s El Septimo’s 7th domestic location of a planned 30.

The CEO of El Septimo, Zaya Younan, expressed satisfaction with the growth they have experienced through their partnership with Corona Cigar Company, highlighting their strong retail presence and customer reception. The distinguishing feature of this location will be the exclusive El Septimo Lounge, dedicated to the luxury brand’s exceptional cigars, accessories, and spirits. Jeffrey Borysiewicz, of Corona Cigar Co., emphasized the success of El Septimo cigars in their other stores and expressed enthusiasm for dedicating their new Sarasota V.I.P Lounge to the brand.

Tanya Borysiewicz shares that “I have been impressed with El Septimo since I first stepped in their booth at the PCA trade show. I loved the look and I loved the service and attention to detail on their luxury accessories on display. After smoking an El Septimo cigar, I knew I wanted them on our shelves. Meeting Zaya was brilliant, and his energy reflected the passion for his products and for this industry. El Septimo is a breath of fresh air, and their drive and enthusiasm are second to none. I am super excited to team up with Zaya, Sherry and their outstanding team on our brand new first ever exclusive V.I.P lounge.”

E.P. Carrillo is hosting Burn & Learn, an event series where cigar enthusiasts can shape the future of the Escapade blend. Led by Master Blender Ernesto PerezCarrillo, participants will engage directly with the E.P. Carrillo team to provide input and ideas. The goal is to create an exceptional smoking experience and their most shareable blend yet.

The limited-space event will be held online via Zoom on June 12th. Selected participants will receive a branded E.P. Carrillo Burn & Learn t-shirt and an exclusive gift. E.P. Carrillo encourages attendees to invite others and believes that diverse perspectives will enhance their products.

“Burn & Learn” offers a collaborative platform for cigar enthusiasts to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Escapade blend. By actively participating, attendees will have the opportunity to contribute, inspire, and be inspired. This exciting event promises to create an unforgettable smoking experience and leave a lasting impact on the cigar community. To RSVP, Email [email protected] with a list of three things you’d like to see in the new blend. A total of 10 participants will be chosen. Good luck!

The Aging Room Quattro Sonata, named in honor of some of the most famous sonatas by maestros such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, is a tribute to the rich and diverse landscapes of Nicaragua. The Sonata is en route to shops nationally and will be available within the next week where Aging Room is sold. Rafael Nodal, Head of Product Capability for Tabacalera USA – of which Altadis U.S.A. is a subsidiary – describes the Sonata as a symphony composed not with musical notes, but with meticulously selected tobacco leaves, lovingly cultivated by the dedicated people of Nicaragua, and destined to be savored by discerning connoisseurs in search of a unique smoking experience.

The box-pressed offerings are produced at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez with all Nicaraguan tobaccos. Launching in 6 vitolas, with MSRPs ranging from $13.02 to $14.98 per cigar. All but one format are packaged in boxes of 20, with the exception of the Impromptu, which is available in a Figurado Box of 10.

Wishing you all another great weekend full of your favorite cigars and your favorite people. Keep on sending in your favorite cigar related news stories, posts and video. If anything from this roundup catches your attention, let everyone know in the comments below!