C.L.E. Drops Tobacconists’ Association of America Exclusive Eiroa Dark 11/18

Announced earlier this year at the annual gathering of the Tobacconists’ Association of America, the TAA Exclusive Eiroa Dark 11/18 from C.L.E. is on its way to brick-and-mortar retailers across the country. Made popular during the Eiroa family’s era of ownership of Camacho Cigars, the distinct 11/18 vitola has remained a favorite of C.L.E’s founder and namesake Christian Eiroa.

This particular size holds significant importance for Christian Eiroa, the President of C.L.E. Cigar Company, due to its ability to deliver a distinct smoking experience and for its sentimental value. Eiroa shares that “It is a little-known fact that the 11/18 is in dedication to my mother as it represents her birth date (November 18). The Eiroa Dark is one of my favorite blends to come out of the C.L.E. cigar factory, due it being made with only Honduran Corojo tobacco. My hope is that the public enjoys this blend in this long overdue 11/18 size.”

Limited to just 500 boxes the unique 6 x 54 perfecto narrows down to 48 at it’s slimmest points. Crafted entirely of Honduran Corojo at the family’s Aladino factory in Honduras,  each cigar contains authentic corojo ligero and seco that is aged a minimum of 4 years before being offered to you in 20-count boxes. Originally released in the Spring of 2019, the regular production line consists of three sizes – 5 x 50, 6 x 54, and 6 x 60. Appearing on many shelves and sites by the end of the week, the MSRP for this limited edition cigar is $16.70 each.