Republic Of Debauchery Reviews The Legends Cigars By Padron & Arturo Fuente

If Johnny Harris reviewed an iconic cigar project from legendary tobacco families, it’s hard to imagine that video would be very different from this latest upload from Law Ream and The Republic of Debauchery. Cigar giants Padron and Arturo Fuente announced last summer that they’d joined forces to create a special collaboration called Legends. The result? Two rare blends with an amazing story, housed in an exquisite humidor. Honoring the legacies of Carlos Fuente Sr. and Jose Orlando Padron, these cigars are supposed to showcase the strong relationships that can be forged even between competitors. Law smoked both of these unreleased cigars at the same time and has made the experience available – along with some helpful education –  for the entire community. Even the story of how this video came to exist is the kind of inside baseball that cigar heads love to hear and share when we’re at the lounge or on a herf – but it would be a disservice to you and Law if I spoiled it, so you’ll need to watch the video below to find out!

With great production values all around. including great lighting and high-resolution archival images, one of the most entertaining moments of the video perfectly captures the public personas of these two larger than life personalities. A clip of the eccentric and passionate Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. shows him just inches away from Ream moments after literally taking host’s microphone. In stark contrast, the scene of the reserved and softly spoken Jorge Padrón shows the stoic leader feeling right at home well away from the spotlight.

Dedicated to their fathers, the Legends project is meant to be more than just a set of limited blends. Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. crafted a cigar to honor the legacy of José Orlando Padrón. In turn, Jorge Padrón created a cigar dedicated to Carlos Fuente Sr and his impact on the industry. In an interview that Law discovered from 1995, Carlos Fuente Sr. expressed his disinterest in buying someone else’s cigars. Nearly 2 decads later, Padron would be among the first to reach out with an offer of help when one of Fuente’s tobaccos famously burned down in 2011. Offering a comprehensive deep dive into the history of these historic companies, in addition to providing a balanced review of both blends, this episode touches on both the hype and the reality of a project years in the making.

Known for his dedication and straight-forward approach to the world of cigars, Law gives his impressions of the long-awaited Padron and Fuente project. Watch the segment and see if you agree with his assessment. As dedicated as both company’s fan bases are known to be, do you expect that these rare cigars will find an audience, even at more than $60 each? Set to drop on or before Fathers Day, a full box – launching at a suggested $2500 each – contains 20 of each blend. Whether your preferences lean towards Fuente, or Padron, or you simply enjoy the novelty of it all, this collaboration is bound to be the catalyst for a thousand more conversations. This is a perfect place to start. If you’re trying to decide on getting your own, or you simply want an honest look at a couple cigars that will be beyond the reach of many enthusiasts, everyone will be able to take away something from this edition of the Republic of Debauchery.

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