Ian Reith of Dapper Cigar Co. Appears On Cigar Prop’s I’d Tap That Cigar Show

Hosted by Kevin Shahan, the I’d Tap That Cigar Show just welcomed Dapper Cigar Co. founder Ian Reith for Episode 192. Broadcast live from the Drew Estate Experience Acid Studios in Florida,  Shahan was joined by frequent co-host Kerr Viajante of Stogie Road Cigars. Reith always shares great anecdotes about his journey in the cigar business, and this appearance continues in that tradition, highlighting the initial difficulties of establishing a brand and finding retailers. He emphasized the importance of maintaining consistent quality and pricing, defying the notion that lower-priced cigars are the only ones that sell. Reith’s company offers a range of cigars, including their best-selling La Madrina Natural and La Madrina Shade blends, which have gained popularity for their unique flavor profile and distinct bands.

The conversation also touched upon technical aspects of cigar production, such as the challenges associated with packaging and shipping. Reith emphasized the significance of maintaining proper humidity levels and protecting delicate wrappers, especially in the case of Connecticut shade wrappers. Despite the challenges, Reith expressed satisfaction with his work-life balance, finding joy in smoking cigars and continuing to explore different blends and sizes.

Overall, the episode provided viewers with insights into the world of cigars and the experiences of Ian Reith as a cigar manufacturer. The discussion shed light on the challenges faced by boutique cigar companies, the importance of quality and consistency, and the unique characteristics of Dapper Cigar Co.’s offerings. Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast or interested in the business side of the industry, this episode offers an engaging and informative conversation you won’t want to miss.

Dapper’s portfolio of blends is available from  Privada Cigar Club.