Stacy McDermid On She Smokes Too Presented By J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

In the latest episode of She Smokes Too – presented by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. – viewers are treated to an engaging discussion on cigars and smoking experiences. The guest for this 5th episode of season 2 is Stacy McDermid, the accounting manager at JC Newman, and avid cigar enthusiast. Hosts Monica Foster and Kara Guagliardo introduce Stacy, who frequents local lounges and always has a cigar and refreshing beverage in hand, as the “most cigar chick” they know.

One of the many highlights of the episode is the  tasting of a special limited edition Diamond Crown cigar originally created for the company’s 125th anniversary. Right before filming began, these cigars were made available for the team to try. Delayed due to Covid-19, this project was a collaboration between 4th generation owner Drew Newman, VP of Operations Rich Dolak, and the iconic Carlito Fuente. Throughout the episode, Stacy shares her insights and experiences, including her willingness to give cigars a second chance even after a bad experience. She emphasizes how factors like palate, mood, and time of day can influence one’s enjoyment of a cigar. Additionally, Stacy recounts a humorous and embarrassing cigar mishap she had in a lounge, reminding viewers that even seasoned cigar smokers have their share of memorable moments. Valuable advice is also directed at women new to the cigar scene, encouraging them to embrace their noviceness and not be intimidated by the learning process.

The episode wraps up with a rapid-fire question round, where Stacy shares her preferences on various cigar-related topics. Answer along on your own during the speed round, you may be surprised at your own answers! She Smokes Too always offers an entertaining and informative show for both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and those curious about the world of cigars. Watch right now or add to your cigar playlist to enjoy and learn from during your next cigar.

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