Jas Sum Kral Announces Annual Limited Release of New 8 x 48 Magija Crna Nok

Founded in 2015 by Riste Ristevsk, the Jas Sum Kral cigar brand has gone from being available exclusively in the U.S. – and only obtainable online – to being sold in brick and mortar shops across the world. Originally launched in 2017, the Crna Nok blend has since been released in multiple formats including Robusto, Toro, and Salomon. In just a few months, the 8 x 48 Crna Nok Magija will make its debut. JSK was at one time very strict about keeping the Crna Nok blend largely undisclosed, but over time it has been revealed to feature Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper leaf, Mexican San Andrés binder, and filler tobaccos sourced from Nicaragua. No production totals have been shared, but the plan is to release the Magija once a year to select retailers.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating history of the “volšebnici and vešterki ” – or black magic practicioners – in the folklore of those local to the Balkan Peninsula, this expression of the once underground blend aims to offer something that, at its best, borders on the mystical. “With Crna Nok Magija, we wanted to pay homage to the fascinating history and mysticism surrounding Macedonia and the Balkans dark craft of Magjja. This blend is an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through time and embrace the spiritual depths of the Balkan region,” explains Riste Ristevaki, owner of JSK. Scheduled to make its first appearance August, the Magjja will be available in single coffins for $15 each.

Describing what to expect from the new iteration, JSK shares that, “Within each puff of Crna Nok Magija lies a tapestry of flavors that transport the smoker to the depths of Macedonian folklore. Earth, wood, leather, and oak intertwine, mirroring the landscapes where the volšebnici and vešterki conducted their ancient rituals. Delicate notes of dark chocolate, ground coffee, and popcorn pay homage to the sensory experiences and offerings made during these mystic ceremonies.” Scheduled to make its first appearance August, the Magjja will be available in single coffins for $15 each.