Chattanooga Whiskey Co. Releases Founder’s 11th Anniversary Blend

Chattanooga Whiskey Company, recently named Craft Producer of The Year, is at it again. At an event hosted at their Experimental Distillery located downtown in the Southside Historic District – across from the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo – they officially released their new Founder’s 11th Anniversary Blend. According to the distillery, “Founder’s Anniversary Blend is a yearly marriage of whiskeys to commemorate our anniversary. Formulated each year by our Founder Tim Piersant, this solera-style expression is a blend of whiskeys – distilled in both Chattanooga, TN, and Lawrenceburg, IN – from three one-of-a-kind charred oak solera barrels. This combination of traditional and innovative recipes showcases the dynamic balance between multiple styles & sources of whiskey – each one symbolic of our past, present, & future.”

In 2011, Tim Piersant and Joe Ledbetter began researching the distilling laws in Hamilton County in hopes of being able to bring whiskey back to the people of Chattanooga. By October of that same year, the “Would you drink Chattanooga Whiskey?” campaign began to circulate all over social media, and the response was a huge and resounding YES!!! Both men worked tirelessly trying to get the laws changed. As a result, House Bill 102 – nicknamed “The Whiskey Bill” – was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam in 2013, making Chattanooga Whiskey the first legal distillery in Chattanooga in over 100 years.

The brand’s award-winning 1816 – the whiskey mash bill that galvanized a community and helped change century-old prohibition laws – represent’s Chattanooga’s past as the first barrel blended into the 11th Anniversary offering. Representing the present, the second barrel is their signature 91 Tennessee High Malt recipe – born from the 91st barrel created at their Experimental Distillery. The third and final barrel represents the future. An evolving blend of innovative recipes from both their Experimental and Riverfront distilleries, this is The New Infinity barrel.

On the nose I get lots berries, orange zest, oak, and a yeast note. On the palate I get lots of oak, vanilla, berry, spice, slight chocolate. On the finish, slight tobacco, spice, and cinnamon notes. It has a medium long finish, and slight Kentucky… well Tennessee hug at the end. Very enjoyable with no rough edges and is great to sip neat. Any chocolate-forward Maduro would pair well with it. I enjoyed the Block from Dissident Cigars, and it went fantastic. The pepper and cocoa notes from the cigar pulled out a lot of the fruit notes from the whiskey. 

While their Riverfront Distillery is not currently open to the public, the Experimental Distillery – where over 100 barrels are maturing at any given time – hosts regular tours and tastings. Chattanooga Whiskey is available online at and at retail stores, restaurants, and bars across Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, and Illinois.

Special thanks to Tim Piersant of Chattanooga Whiskey Co. for granting us permission to share their images. We appreciate you!