Privada Cigar Club Monthly Subscriptions Officially Available In Canada!

In October of 2020, Privada Cigar Club was put in the very difficult position of having to eliminate Canadian memberships. Due to excise taxes and all the red tape surrounding tobacco there, members living in Canada were being put in a position where every shipment they received was being charged almost three times the cost of the order itself in taxes alone. The result was that more than 500 members, many with the club since its inception, were no longer able to place orders. Now, after more than a year of intense and diligent work, Privada has announced its official expansion to Canada!

Over a year ago, Privada set out to create a distribution system for Canadian members that would allow them to pay as close to the same prices as everyone else as possible without having to deal with additional or unexpected fees. In large part due to the help and diplomacy of Paul Stulac, that once distant goal has now been achieved. In partnership with Cigar Chief, one of the country’s most popular destinations for premium cigars, the experience for Canadian cigar lovers is now as simple and seamless as possible. If you are in Canada and you go to the site right now, the price you see on screen for the three monthly subscriptions is the price you’ll pay. No surprises. No hassle. No more feeling like your cigars are being held for ransom. Your monthly subscription will clear Canadian Customs without any additional duties or taxes owed.

Beyond the club’s growth in sheer numbers, this massive development presents a powerful opportunity for Privada to be a part of the Canadian cigar smoking culture and to add value to the community. For example, the main Privada Box, known for it’s rare, aged, and limited selections, will cost Canadian members $35.99 USD –  just $7.00 more than U.S. members. Worlds apart from the $85+ excise taxes that were being regularly imposed just a couple years ago, “value” has already been proven to be far more than just a buzzword in this case. The same goes for the other 2 subscriptions, with Farm Rolled available for $26.99 and Brian’s Box for $34.99 – both for only $7.00 more than members pay in the United States. Especially when you consider that that average price of one individual premium cigar there is well north of $30, getting 3 and 4 selections for less than $40 total is a huge win for Canadian cigar heads.

Cigar Chief is owned and operated by Father and Son team Robert Greenwood and Matthew Greenwood. Focused on customer service and a great selection, they’ve earned a reputation for competitive prices and stellar customer service. Bob, as the regulars refer to him, started in the cigar business by selling imported cigars over the internet. As time went on, he began selling them in person throughout the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. In 1997 he would open Cigar Chief, and the rest is history. The shop has been in its current location – a decommissioned World War II military base – since 2008, and is deeply involved in the community. In March, as just one of many examples, they raised money for the Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math (STEAM) lab at the local Quinte Mohawk School. In just 24 hours, Cigar Chief collected more than $11,000 for the school’s lab.

All three Monthly Subscriptions are available to anyone residing in North America at Privada Cigar Club.