Macanudo’s Annual Gold Label Getting New Size Never To Be Made Again

General Cigar Company has revealed a new vitola for a blend first released more than 2 decades ago. The Macanudo Gold Label, released annually since 2002, gets its name not from the shiny bands, but rather from the golden wrapper leaves that are chosen from the first and second primings of Connecticut Shade tobacco plants. Not just a new size, but also a new strategy, the new Macanudo Gold Label Gold Nugget will only be available this year. Beginning on May 1st, boxes will begin making their way out into the world. Even though the other sizes are limited each year, they almost always make a return. Once these new ones are gone, however, they’re gone for good.

Steve Abbot, Director of Marketing, shares, “Macanudo Gold Label continues to delight cigar smokers with its alluring mellow blend. This cigar makes for a great indulgence on its own and is equally as versatile when it comes to pairing. We’re delighted to bring the blend back for its 21st year and look forward to sharing it with cigar lovers across the country.”

Launching alongside 7 other vitolas, the new 4.5 x 60 format utilizes the same blend as its predecessors. Featuring the line’s distinct wrapper leaves, only ever chosen from the first and second primings of Connecticut Shade plants, the Macanudo Gold Label’s binder consists of leaves from first and second primings of Mexican San Andres. For the filler, General uses a combination of Mexican tobaccos and Dominican Piloto Cubano. The entire line is produced at General Cigar Dominicana in the Dominican Republic.

Have you experienced the Macanudo Gold Label blend before? Do you keep traditional brands in your regular rotation? Does the even more limited nature of 2023’s release make you want to try it? Let everyone know in the comments below!