Going Behind the Scenes At The Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s Lux Row Distillery

Spanning more than 90 acres, Kentucky’s Lux Row Distillers is home to an 18,000 square foot distillery, 10 completely filled barrel warehouses and a custom fabricated 43-foot copper still. For a sense of scale, each of those warehouses has a 20,000 barrel capacity. Relying on others to distill their earliest releases, family-owned and St. Louis based Luxco set out to take on the task themselves in 2015. Opened in 2018, their state-of-the-art Lux Row operation is now capable of producing 3 million every year. Situated in the heart of Bardstown – which claims the title of Bourbon Capital of the World – Lux Row Distillers is an essential Kentucky Bourbon Trail destination for those seeking an unforgettable whiskey experience.

A visit to Lux Row is an immersive experience, where visitors are not only treated to tastings of their finest bourbons, but also given a behind-the-scenes look at the production process. From the towering copper stills to the mesmerizing dance of the bottling line, guests are invited to witness the art of bourbon-making in all its glory. Arriving for the first time, you will be greeted by a state of the art complex that also houses a complete visitor’s center, tasting room, and 2,200 square foot retail experience. Steps away, you can also take a moment outside of time while looking at a striking stone home built on the property in 1806. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the structure is a stoic reminder of the area’s storied legacy. Once inside the main building, the distillery offers three unique guided experiences that aim to provide something special for every level of enthusiast.

A Taste Of Lux Row is a 45 minutes experience that is limited to 14 guests at time. For $25, each session includes a history of the distillery and a guided tasting through their family of brands. While this experience does not include a full production tour, participants will be able to go to the rickhouse and “thieve” out of a real barrel as well as enjoy a chocolate pairing exclusive to Lux Row. The distillery produces Rebel BourbonEzra Brooks, Blood Oath, Daviess County, and David Nicholson.

For just $15, The Lux Row Distillers Production Tour lasts a full hour and is limited to just 18 guests at a time. More than just a simple walkthrough, this is an opportunity to see and learn about every step in the bourbon making process every step of the way: milling, cooking, fermentation, distillation, all the way to being barreled. The rows upon rows of charred oak barrels serve to some as a testament to the patience and care that goes into every bottle. Afterward, guests are invited to participate in an educational tasting session featuring four of the distillery’s award-winning bourbons.

Priced at $50, the Distiller’s Collection Select is the most comprehensive of all the guided experiences. Scheduled for 90 minute, no more than 12 at any given time are brought into the old stone home mentioned earlier. Sitting in the historic house, participants start off with a cocktail before a full on premium tasting experience begins. In addition to trying the distillery’s range of brands, each sample is paired with one of three different kinds of chocolate. With a fresh reference for what each brand offers the palate, the group then gets to go behind the scenes  areas like the 2nd story of the still tower. When the tour is finished, each guest gets a Lux Row rocks glass to take home with them.

Featuring some of the most aged bourbons that master blender John Rempe was able to find, Lux Row is releasing Blood Oath Pact 9 this Friday. Created by Rempe, Blood Oath allows him to step outside of any limitations and play with the work of multiple distilleries. Pact 9 utilizes 16 and 12-year ryed bourbons, as well as a 7-year ryed bourbon that was finished in Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain. Pact 9’s total allocation is 51,00 bottles – of which 1,400 will be set aside for the next Trilogy Pack scheduled to release in 2024.

“Blood Oath Pact 9 contains three great bourbons, and the Oloroso Sherry cask finish has resulted in a deep, dark amber liquid with long legs,” said Rempe. “The Oloroso Sherry casks also bring out tasting notes of sweet sherry with hints of ripe fruit on the nose, as well as flavor notes highlighted by ripe fruits including figs, plums and raisins, with notes of molasses, chocolate and tobacco. This bourbon also provides a long-lasting finish characterized by fruit notes and complemented by hints of spicy oak. I’m proud to share Blood Oath Pact 9 with bourbon lovers.”

Book your next experience and learn more about the distillery by visting LuxRowDistillers.com. and @luxrowdistillers in Instagram.