Aganorsa Leaf’s Terence Reilly Visits The Great Cigar & Pipe Show

Terence Reilly, Vice President of Aganorsa Leaf, was the special guest on this week’s episode of The Great Cigar and Pipe Show, presented by The Oliva Cigar Family and Hiram and Solomon Cigars. Broadcasting live from the Corona Cigar Company studios, the team got a true sense of the brand by participating in Aganorsa’s “Fumas” experience. Terence provided individual leaves for hosts Ronnie PecoriniBob Pecorini, and Frank Minutillo to explore and analyze one by one, eventually combining them. There may be no better way to understand the composition of a blend and what each leaf’s role is.  You’re likely to want to try for yourself as you watch them make their way through each sample.

Terence has an encyclopedic knowledge of Aganorsa Leaf’s history, their extensive farm operations, and the brand’s process of growing tobacco. He explained that “what makes it special is the leaf, that’s what makes this special, that’s why other companies come and buy tobacco from us.” During the 2 hour conversation, they also get into the differences between the tobacco varietals and the different ways of combining them to create unique smoking experiences.

Encapsulating the passion and dedication that he and the Aganorsa Leaf team have for their craft, Reilly condenses the work they do at Aganorsa Leaf into one simple but powerful statement: “We grow them, make them, and smoke them. This is what we do. We have our heart and soul in every leaf.” Catch great guests like Terence, win prizes, and learn about the people behind your favorite brands every week on The Great Cigar & Pipe show!

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