Favilli & MBF Drop Limited “VHS” Factory Blend Dripping With Nostalgia

Favilli and MBF have have just released the 5th installment of Favilli’s popular Factory Blend Arrangement Series, Factory Blend – VHS. The aesthetics alone are sure to grab the attention of not only dedicated cigar heads, but curious onlookers as well.

Packaged in boxes crafted to look like a particularly iconic brand’s VHS rental clamshells, you will find 10 vintage, aged cigars. Each of these limited 4.5 x 44 Petite Coronas feature Ecuadorean Maduro wrapper leaf, Nicaraguan-grown binder leaf from the Jalapa Valley, and 100% Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. While the factory these come from isn’t expressly disclosed, the packaging reveals that they were produced in Condega – making it fun to wonder if maybe these were rolled at Fábrica Agrotobacos or somewhere else in the region. While available, each box of 10 is being sold for $105.

Since Jared Ingrisano took control of the Favilli brands late last year, there has been a noticeable shift. Their social media presence has increased right along with their product output and ability to creatively represent what is happening in today’s cigar culture. There will always be those in the community that call projects like this “unoriginal” – but they are are missing the point. Presenting cigars to cigar lovers in a way that elevates the experience and makes it feel special does not lack originality. The old perspective was if the outside looks like that, what are you hiding? Today, there is a sea of same in which new cigars are coming out every day and many of us want to see what adventure each one may offer. Get yours while you can, and don’t forget to grab one of the shirts they’ve had made for the launch.