7 Unforgettable Road Trip Destinations For Your Next Summer Adventure

With Summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about planning your next great adventure. This handpicked collection of destinations promises only to get you started. One of the best aspects of a road trip – after all – is that it’s entirely up to you! Whether you’re conquering mountain trails, basking in the sun on a sandy beach, or enjoying a dish you’ve only ever seen on TV, there are countless stops along the way sure to provide enjoyable, memorable experiences:

Have you ever cruised down the Pacific Coast Highway with the wind thundering by and the scent of saltwater filling the air? It can feel like being in a movie. Stop at Big Sur and don’t forget to catch the legendary surf scene in Santa Cruz. For a touch of luxury, indulge in some wine tasting in the picturesque vineyards of Sonoma County.

For the music lover, there’s few better spots than Nashville, the “Music City.” Delve into the history of country music at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and catch an unforgettable live performance at the legendary Grand Ole Opry. Don’t forget to explore the venues along Broadway, where you can catch up-and-coming artists and enjoy a cold beverage with locals and tourists alike.

Calling all thrill-seekers and nature lovers! Experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains by conquering a 14,000-foot peak or hiking through the wildflower-filled valleys of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. If you prefer some leisure time, cast your line in one of the park’s pristine alpine lakes and try your luck at catching a trout for dinner.

Embrace the nostalgia of the classic American road trip by cruising down the historic Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Immerse yourself in Americana as you pass through iconic landmarks like the Cadillac Ranch, quirky roadside attractions, and vintage diners. Route 66 is like a game with infinite bonus levels, so even if you enjoy spontaneity you may want to look ahead to see where some of the side quests are.

Experience the eclectic spirit of Austin, Texas, where you’ll find a vibrant music culture, growing comedy scene, diverse culinary offerings, and a thriving art community. Go for a refreshing dip in the natural spring-fed Barton Springs Pool, or grab a paddleboard and explore the waters of Lady Bird Lake. In the evening, head to Rainey Street, where you can savor local craft beers and spirits, great restaurants and food trucks.

For some, there are few better ways to unwind after a day of exploring than sipping on some fine bourbon. Follow the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and immerse yourself in the history and craftsmanship. Tour the distilleries, immerse yourself in their stories, sample their finest products, and learn about the art of barrel-aging. As always, while enjoying yourself remember to do so responsibly and use ride-sharing to get to and from anywhere you’ll be participating in tastings.

Get ready to unwind and embrace the beach life on the sun-soaked shores of the Outer Banks, a chain of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. Visit historical sites, dive shipwrecks, surf the waves, try your hand at kiteboarding, or simply relax with your toes in the sand. When you’re done exploring the historic lighthouses you can enjoy fresh seafood like fresh-caught yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, rockfish, crab, oysters and shrimp.

What destinations would you add to the list? Let everyone know in the comments below!