Taking The Tour and Tasting Craft Spirits At Clear Water Distilling Co.

Not even a full moment after I walked in to Clear Water Distilling Co., the Retail Manager and Tour Guide, Daniel Brady, greeted me with both kindness and knowledge of the products Clear Water crafts. His official title is Retail Manager/ Tour Guide, but he is known as the cigar guy, so we hit it off immediately. We talked about the Chicago Typewriter bottles they released and the recent cigar collaboration that is connected to it, a blend of the same name that Joshua Habursky – Deputy Director of the Premium Cigar Association –  developed with Alec and Bradley Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars.

The cigar, available in packs of 5, showcases tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua. The 4 x 52 Petite Robusto is advertised as offering notes of cream, citrus, walnut and cloves. Chicago Typewriter, a Rye Whiskey bottled at cask strength, compliments and elevates those notes by providing vanilla, cream soda and dried fig notes. They were crafted to pair together, but the contents of each bottle is intended to be enjoyed with any cigar of your choice. Unfortunately for those reading, I bought the very last bottle they had.

Happy hunting if you are into seeking hard to find bottles as a collector or enthusiast, and they also have used barrels for sale. In addition to cigars, glasses, garnishes, Boveda humidity packs, and other accessories, planks can also be purchased to burn and infuse your spirits over. The cocktail I personally love to infuse most is an old fashioned.

I shared with Daniel my passion of cigars and bourbon and was met with the same level of love for the culture. He shared with me that he was two years into smoking cigars and enjoying the experience. He even teaches beginning classes Introduction to Cigars with customers that wish to attend a workshop. Topics covered would be cutting, cold draw, smelling the foot and body. How to experience the fullness of notes on the pallet and so forth. As I shared with him my experience with cigar culture, and my contributions to Cigar Public as a cigar reviewer, our conversation continued. He decided to take me into the private tasting room that had a 1920’s speakeasy vibe.

Just like High West Distillery helped change the strict state laws by becoming the first licensed distillery in Utah after years of it not being allowed,  Dan shared with me that the CEO of Clear Water, Matt Eau Claire, helped clear the path for the curbside sale and pick up of alcohol in Utah during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Clear Water has been in business for three years, and they are quickly gaining popularity – and awards – for their efforts.

According to their website they are all about thinking outside of the box and crafting new spirits, “Like craft brewing, our distillery makes spirits/products based on a target flavor idea instead of a category. Imagine being Bob Ross with the restriction of only 8 colors of paint, and then your world opens up into an infinite spectrum of colorful expression.” The spirits I had the pleasure of tasting were top shelf quality. My favorite from the evening offered butterscotch notes with a smooth finish – their 14 Year Light Whiskey. If you are traveling though or visiting Utah, it is a must stop destinatino. To book your own tour and find out more about Clear Water, visit their website today.