Drop Teases Next Project by Kyle Gellis, No Details Revealed Until Wednesday

Exactly one week since launching the latest addition to their regularly available Bits of Havana brand, Bits of Havana San Andres Robusto, a new HYPER LIMITED™ blend from Kyle Gellis has been announced. The next DROP – referred to only as HOWL! – is being released on Wednesday morning, but little beyond that has been revealed. A kindly worded “save the date” email sent to those on the DROP list offers only that “additional information on the blend and tasting notes will be available on the day of release.”

Established in 2018, Drop is where Gellis gets to use his nearly two decades of blending experience to create exciting craft blends. “Some people have their hobby outside of their career, mine is crafting blends and concepts for DROP,” he is quoted as saying.

If you just can’t wait until Wednesday, another Gellis brand, Warped, has just released a new ashtray in the shape of their iconic W logo. Made from melamine, the ashtray is advertised as being able to fit 3 cigars. Priced at just $35 – and measuring 9″ x 7″ x 1.25″ – this unique and eye-catching piece is an affordable addition to any craft cigar fan’s collection.

Warped cigars are available at Privada Cigar Club and a growing list of other select retailers.