C.L.E. Announces Release of 9 x 90 “Year of The Rabbit ” Asylum April Fools’ 2023

C.L.E. Cigar Company, for the third consecutive year, will be releasing a cigar that almost never was. Posted as a joke in 2021, the 9 x 90 Asylum April Fools’ cigar was never intended to be more than a fun thought. That simply isn’t how the internet works, however, and the public’s response quickly transformed the simply joke into real raw materials, molds, and lacquered coffins. Initially unsure of the viability of putting these out ever year, C.L.E. President Christian Eiroa is fully committed to what has become an annual tradition. This yea – the Year of the Rabbit – and every year from now on, the packaging on every April Fools’ Day release will include that year’s Chinese Zodiac animal.

Eiroa says that “The Asylum brand allows us to play with ideas freely and take chances using unique size and blends. We feel that this brand has endeared itself to smokers looking for cigars that stray away from the norm. We feel that the Asylum April Fools’ 2023 will hit the mark.” Crafted entirely of Honduran tobaccos, anyone willing to make an attempt at finishing this behemoth cigar will be met with an experience that the brand describes as rich in flavor and complexity. The Asylum April Fools’ 2023 will retail for a suggested $41.40 per cigar. For a tray of 5, the MSRP is $207.