General Cigar Co. Adding Stubby Habano To Punch Knuckle Buster Line

General Cigar Co. has revealed that their new Punch Knuckle Buster Habano Stubby will be appearing on shelves and sites across the country as early as next month. Joining the lineup’s existing formats – Robusto, Toro, and Gordo – the Stubby measures a stout 4.5 x 60. Just like the popular sizes it now joins, the Stubby showcases a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper,  Nicaraguan Habano binder, and filler tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and Honduras. Produced at the Scandavian Tobacco Group factory in Danli, Honduras, this Short Gordo is launching in 20-count boxes. The suggested retail price for each cigar is just $5.39. 

“Punch Knuckle Buster Habano Stubby packs a punch…or more like a jab. The Stubby delivers what fans loved about Knuckle Buster Habano in a new ‘stubby” size. And since we mentioned wrestling, Knuckle Buster Habano Stubby is like the Iron Shiek’s Camel Clutch – it’s bold, it’s complex and it wraps up at just the right time,” described John Hakim, Brand Manager for Punch.

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