AVO Season Spring Limited Edition 2023 Diademas Available Thursday

The release of the first blend in the recently announced AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 is just hours away. Already being sold on pre-order at a number of Davidoff Appointed Merchants, the launch was originally scheduled for Friday. Now, Thursday marks the launch of the first of 4 total blends on the schedule for this year: Spring. As with the other three seasons, just 4,000 boxes of Spring have been produced. For some perspective on just how very limited this edition really is, that allotment is for the entire global cigar market, not jut the U.S.

“This special release has been carefully created by our Master Blenders who have worked with tobaccos across multi-faceted origins to craft the perfect seasonal blends. Tobaccos from each cigar can be found from diverse growing regions such as Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, with tobacco aged for up to 14 years,” says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “We encourage our aficionados to enjoy each cigar while experiencing a moment unique to each season: walking through a garden in spring, watching the setting sun on a summer evening, feeling the air turn crisp as autumn leaves fall, and sitting by a crackling fire in winter.”

Set to retail for a suggested $18 each, this cigar is wrapped with Ecuadorian Corojo and features Dominican binder and filler. Spring utilizes San Vicente Seco (second priming) and Hybrid 192 Viso (right above the Seco, but still below Ligero) in addition to one the 14 year aged filler tobaccos Simon describes above. Each blend – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – is the same 6.63 x 50 Diadema format, all shipping in 10 count boxes.