Favilli Introduces Sampler Packs With New Blends, Classics, & Rare Gems

While their popular Factory Blend Arrangements provide simple and engaging way for cigar heads to experience limited blends crafted, commissioned, or discovered by Favilli – many of the brand’s most sought after cigars are available only as full boxes. With so many quality options available today, sample packs have become an indispensable way for enthusiasts to determine what they do and do not like before considering a box purchase. Always listening and calibrating, two new assorted 5 packs have been unveiled: Favilli Five and Favilli Finest Five.

For less than $60, Favilli Five consists of what the brand describes as “a mix of new cigars, classics, and some of our limited items.” For those who are able to order in time, potential selections include – but are not limited to – Tierra Volcan, Casa Favilli, Granada (Tierra, Isletas, Lava), Factory Blends and Liga Maestro.

At just under $100, Favilli Finest Five packs can include sought after and difficult to find blends from their “Rare & Limited” collection. Listed as examples this pack are cigars like the Mombacho Decimo Año, 10th Anniversarario, Cosecha 2012, Cosecha 2014, Cosecha 2015, Cosecha 2016, and Liga Maestro Pre-Release.

While checking things out, don’t pass up Favilli’s remaining Puro Sabor 2023 packs. If you were able to attend this year’s 10th Nicaraguan Cigar Festival then you’ll recognize these cigars from your Welcome Bag. Throughout the event, pre-orders were taken and fulfilled directly from the Festival. If you weren’t able to make it, each of these $45 Enviro-Packs has three 5 x 50 Robusto cigars and seem like a really fun way to experience a little of the festival from the comfort of your favorite local smoke spot.