Stogie Press Founder Boston Jimmie To Climb Mt. Fuji For Autism Advocacy

The result of a promise kept, Father and Son James (Boston Jimmie) Vita & Dr. Dominic Vita¬†will soon find themselves in Japan at the base of Mt. Fuji. On July 13 and 14th, the pair make their way to the 35th tallest summit in the world. As laid out by James, founder and publisher of Stogie Press, the terms of the deal were simple: earn your PhD and you’ll also earn a trip to Japan to ascend Mt. Fuji. Not only would Dominic become Dr. Vita, but the research he did at Vanderbilt to receive his doctorate led to new findings that could have a direct impact on the way Autism, Alzheimer’s, and other neurobiological issues are perceived and treated in the future.

Benefiting Autism Speaks, the duo has started a fundraiser to make their journey to the top of the mountain even more significant. While contributions of any size make a big impact on reaching their $5000 goal, there is a unique perk for the company or individual that gives the most – they’ll be acknowledged in a photograph taken atop Mt. Fuji as the sun appears in the sky over Japan.

Autism Speaks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is focused on advocacy, support, raising the level of understanding and acceptance of people with autism, and moving research forward. Upon their return, Stogie Press will be coming out with a behind the scenes look into the entire adventure. To find out more about the trip and the charity, check out The Climb For Autism participant center that’s been set up ahead of their journey.