Mickey Pegg Launches All Saints Firecracker On The Cigar Authority Podcast

Now in their 13th year, The Cigar Authority just welcomed Mickey Pegg – founder of All Saints Cigars – as their latest podcast guest. For anyone unfamiliar with the program, two cigars get smoked during every episode of what is now the longest running podcast in all of cigars. The first selection was the brand new All Saints St. Patricks Firecracker for United Cigars that was announced ahead of the recent Total Products Expo. Now available directly from Two Guys Cigars via their three brick & mortar locations and online store, other retailers are expecting their own allotments this week. From the Toscano Cigar Soundstage in Salem, New Hampshire, hosts David Garofalo and Mr. Jonathan enjoyed the St. Patrick’s expression while Pegg shared excellent stories about not only the cigar itself but his own unconventional journey through the industry. If you want to know how someone can go all the way from politics to panatelas, Mickey’s appearance is a must-see.

This particular Firecracker’s iconic barber pole aesthetic is made possible by the theme’s obligatory green Candela wrapper leaf and the same Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper used to craft the brand’s award-winning St. Francis blend. With a completely engaging level of transparency, Pegg explained his perspective and the thinking behind using that blend in particular as the foundation for the limited run: many people trying this iteration of the United Cigars Firecracker that will be smoking an All Saints Cigar for the first time. “This was positioned to bring attention to the rest of our line where we don’t have attention,” he shared. After a positive experience with the Firecracker, one can then explore “the St. Francis, the Dedicación, the Colorado, the Habano, those are cigars that we’re very proud of, that are award-winning,” he added.

While quick to grow and easy to process, Candela wrapper was actually the most difficult to source of any of the other ingredients in this cigar, according to Pegg. There would be absolutely no issue finding as much of the leaf as one could need if this was they heyday of the green wrapper. Now, in 2023, just a few remain who specialize in the cultivation and processing of a tobacco that has simply become less and less sought-after over time. What are sought-after are these Firecrackers, which Pegg revealed have all already completely sold out to retailers. This means that if your shop hasn’t gotten an order in for them yet, its isn’t likely that they’ll be able to. In the second half of the broadcast, everyone had the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut from the Cigar Authority Care Package that Two Guys offers.