Room 101 Daruma In Name Only? Storied Cigar Gets A 100% Nicaraguan Reboot

Whispered about and speculated on throughout the duration of this year’s Total Product Expo in Las Vegas, a brand new Daruma from Room 101 has emerged. Just placed on active pre-order at Privada Cigar Club and other select retailers – including many Limited Cigar Association shops – this run consists of just 2000 boxes of 10. Known among cigar heads for it’s direct lineage with the Camacho factory, still owned at operated by the Eiroa family at the time of the original 2012 release, this new blend is a completely fresh start. Whereas the iconic Daruma featured tobaccos from Ecuador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic, this reimagined version is a Nicaraguan puro.

The factory where these 20,000 cigars were produced remains undisclosed, as do the specific tobaccos used to craft them. With cigar enthusiasts and fans of the brand so eager to see what Room101 does as part of parent company Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the hope is that this is all part of the show – so to speak – and these details will eventually be shared.

When I was surprise bear-hugged by a grinning stranger that would turn out to be Matt Booth as I approached the Room101 kiosk at TPE – the rumors of a new cigar hadn’t begun circulating yet. However, a short time later Halfwheel got a look at Room101’s sales sheet and saw “Daruma” listed among the others being made available to retailers. Even after news got out, there were never any placed on display. All HW were able to pry from Booth’s leveled up lips by way of details was that this new blend represents a new chapter for the line. For most members of the Shadow Army, that will serve as more than sufficient motivation to get in on these while orders are still being accepted. At an MSRP of $12.99, that window isn’t likely to stay open very long. Get yours now!