Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos Limited Edition 2023 Arriving In March

Crowned Heads has officially confirmed that they will be continuing what has become an unofficial tradition of sorts. From time to time, CH produces shorter sized, limited run versions of a sought after regular production selection. Just announced today, the Le Carême Pastelitos LE 2023 transforms the typically box pressed Le Carême into a round 4 x 54 size. Cold weather doesn’t care what cigars you love or when you want to smoke them, so the popular brand occasionally offers enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy this winter friendly format.


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In a press release, Jon Huber – Founder and Co-Owner of Crowned Heads – shared that “since 2016, we’ve had a history of releasing limited edition short-format cigars for the cold weather months when a quick but satisfying smoke is necessary, Le Carême Pastelitos is the latest in this line of limitadas, and they’re as rich and tasty as the pastries they take their name from.” Le Carême gets its name from Marie-Antoine Carême, a revered French chef who gained prominence around the 1800s, and “pastelitos” are cuban pastries.

Debuting at a suggested $12.95 per cigar, production of the Le Carême Pastelitos LE 2023 is limited to 1,250 boxes. Under the supervision of renowned cigar maker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Le Carême is crafted at Tabacalera La Alianza, S.A.