Privada Cigar Club Presents Themed “Cuban Treasures” Box To Begin 2023

This month’s main Privada Cigar Club box is a themed release featuring blends made almost entirely of Cuban-seed tobaccos. Included on each of the pack’s three different bands are hand-drawn reproductions of pre-revolution cigar brands once available all over the storied island.

Aged 5 years, La Lealtad is a 6 x 54 box pressed Toro that was produced in Jalapa, Nicaragua at a factory located directly across the street from Aganorsa. Black pepper, lemon, and dried fruits are just a few of the notes one might encounter on their adventure to the end of La Lealtad’s final third.

Prior to arriving in countless mailboxes over the next few weeks, this 7 x 38 Lancero –  La Veguita – was aged for an entire decade. Prominent notes of molasses and red pepper are some of the first listed for this smaller ring gauge. It isn’t very often that the same brand has a cigar featured in the club two months in a row, but Montenegro isn’t a typical cigar company. Grown under the direction of Cuba’s Hector Luis Prieto, no pesticides are used on any of the company’s tobacco.

La Radiante Nacionales by Aganorsa completes January’s themed experience. Notes of Nutella, cedar, banana, and caramel are among those that one is encouraged to anticipate from this 6 x 46 Nicaraguan puro.

Be sure to check out the January Behind The Box video for even more information and behind the scenes access. You’ll also find out how you can help decide what cigars do (and don’t) make it into future boxes.