Cavalier Genève Launches Limited Release Program, Expands White Series

In addition to the recently announced Regional Exclusive United States from Cavalier Genève Cigars, two more cigars are dropping like the Times Square Ball. One is part of a new program called The Limited Release Series, and both are additions to popular lineups.

The Viso Jalapa Limited Release is the debut offering from the boutique operation’s new Limited Release project. Numbered by hand, there are less than 2,000 ten-ish count boxes of the blend. Wrapped in Viso Jalapa, the 5.25 x 56 cigar – and the new project itself – are explained by Cavalier as consisting of “limited productions of cigars derived from core products that have undergone tweaks and are presented in one size in limited supply. These cigars will be made available once before moving on to the next project that will be made available to the public.”  The core product this release is derived from is the existing BII Viso Jalapa. An 11th cigar resides in each box, but no details are being divulged as it relates to the contents of this little bonus.

The Cavalier White Series core line has expanded to include a 5.75 x 44 Corona. Like the 4 formats that it joins, the Corona contains a three country filler (Nicaragua, Paraguay, Dominican Republic), a Connecticut binder, and utilizes a Habano wrapper. The new Corona, as well as the Viso Jalapa Limited Release, were made at Cavalier’s Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco SA in Danli, Honduras.

Which one (or three) are you going to look for? Do you have a favorite Cavalier core product you’d like to see involved in the Limited Release program? Let everyone know in the comments below!