Cavalier Genève Opens New Distribution Operation Exclusively For U.S. Market

Following through on a 36-month plan to become a fully integrated operation that works directly with retail partners, Cavalier Genève Cigars has just announced the opening of their brand-new distribution facility in Danli. With this news, Cavalier becomes the latest in a wave of cigar brands that have brought their U.S. distribution in-house. It also means that in a very short amount of time, Cavalier has been able to take over production of every one of their cigars as well as all U.S. retail logistics. The new distribution facility, Cavalier Premium Cigars HN S.A., is exclusively dedicated to servicing the U.S. market and is expected to begin fulfilling orders as early as this week. Located near their Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco S.A. factory, the new warehouse is offering door-to-door shipments from Danli directly to retail accounts.

Sébastien Decoppet, Cavalier’s founder, shares that “the growth Cavalier has been experiencing over the last few years and particularly since the factory opening allowed us to start looking to the next steps we had to take towards taking control of our future.” Calling attention to what may be the biggest benefit of this most recent development, Decoppet also explained that “we will now be able to not only control our flow of product better but also offer customized and personalized support to our trusted partners in the US market.” Previously, Cavalier’s products were shipped to the Illusione in Reno and then distributed to each individual retailer from there.

The positive role Honduras has played in Cavalier’s success never lost on them, they commissioned a local artist to to create artwork for the facility. Andrea Paz, a local artist you can learn more about on Instagramwas chosen and photos don’t do the work justice. A striking mural spanning almost 40 feet, in addition to smaller pieces throughout the office oriented spaces, greet visitors and team members alike with the unspoken message that you’re in an uncommon place that carries out exceptional work. Partner and Sales Director at Cavalier, Brian Motola, expressed that “this is a new step of our involvement within the local Honduran economy and its amazing people. We have a lot more exciting projects on the books that will be realized with Andrea in the near future and look forward to exporting some of her work to cigar aficionados across the world.”

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