Warped Don Reynaldo

This cigar was so enjoyable. A banger in my book. It did not disappoint. I always pair my review cigars with water only. While taking every puff, I imagined myself smoking this one after enjoying a grilled picanha steak and asparagus, accompanied by a glass of red wine.

Note:  The score would have been slightly higher but for the tilted burn experienced throughout the second of two total cigars reviewed. The first was was razor sharp. This could have been caused by the "punta de lanza" not being centered. Other than that issue, both cigars were well constructed.

Wrapper: Dominican Republic / Binder: Nicaragua / Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

Vitola: Regalos / Size: 5 x 46 

Factory: El Titan de Bronze / Country of Origin: USA


Cinnamon Bun, Fig

Lipton Iced Tea (No Lemon)

At light up, I immediately got notes of a smooth cream, vanilla and a light spice pepper on the tongue. Entering the first third, the notes I'm picking up are cedar wood, some vanilla extract and a note of like the shell of a coconut seed. Also, getting a tingling spice of red pepper on the tongue and back on throat. So far, I'm enjoying this cigar.

Going into second third, up front I'm getting a charred applewood note. Still a little of that vanilla extract and cream. Now salted pretzel came into play. A beautiful cedar on retro hale.

Finally, in the final third, notes took a turn but the right turns. A dark chocolate, oakwood and earthiness came in to finish with a bang. Alongside some black pepper and salted pretzel.

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Frankie Caraballo

Cleveland, Ohio native. Recently living in Fort Myers, Florida. My passion for cigars has grown extremely in the last couple of years. By having a diverse mindset on cigars, it has allowed me to expand my knowledge and as well my palate.