Luciano Cigars Announces Launch of U.S. Distribution

Luciano Cigars, formerly Ace Prime, has just shared that US distribution will soon be launched from their warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida. Luciano Meirellles, President & CEO, explains that “we are expanding our farming, tobacco processing and manufacturing facilities. I am humbled and grateful to have an incredible ‘Dream Team’ in place to distribute across the US with in-house reps and broker partnerships.”

The cigar maker has also revealed that, early next year, distribution will expand to Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico – all markets in which observers are seeing an increase in demand for New World blends. Luciano’s cigars began being sold internationally in 2019 and are now available in Germany, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Since September’s announcement that they would become a completely vertical “seed to shelf” operation, Luciano has filled the roles of Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Sales, and Distribution Manager.

Tiago Splitter – Co-Founder & Vice President of Luciano, as well as Player Development Coach for the Brooklyn Nets – is confident in the newly assembled executive team and their strategy heading into 2023.  He shares that “as an athlete I have always known that dedication, hard work and talent is the recipe for success. What we are experiencing today is just a consequence of these three exponentiated elements. I can say from the depths of my soul that today is a remarkable day for me and for our company.”

With Peter Gross, co-founder of ATL Cigar Company, joining the team as Chief Operating Officer, Luciano was also happy to announce the addition of ATL to its family of brands. A graduate of both Oxford University and Emory University, Peter and his family have lived in the UK, Ghana and Kenya. In total, Peter has smoked cigars in over 50 countries. Peter will direct the overall operation of Luciano Cigars and the ATL brand will be owned and managed separately under the Luciano Cigars umbrella. 

From L to R: Peter Gross (formerly ATL's Head of Product) Leroy Lamar III (President of ATL), and Janelle Lamar ( ATL's Director of Marketing)

Below you will find the most current in-house cigar line-up available, with more brands and vitolas expected to be announced in the coming weeks:

  • Luciano The Dreamer (4 current sizes) 
  • Fiat Lux (4 current sizes)
  • Mas Igneus 
  • Maria Lucia (2022 PCA Exclusive to be carried as a core line in different sizes soon).
  • Pichardo Clásico (all 3 blends) *Rebranding in progress
  • Pichardo Reserva Familiar  *Rebranding in progress
  • The Sergeant *new vitolas to be announced
  • MXS Adrian Gonzalez
  • ATL Magic 
  • ATL Black 
  • ATL Good Trouble
  • ATL Fye

Do you have a favorite Luciano blend? Is this the first time you’ve heard of the brand or is it already a favorite? Let everyone know in the comments below and keep an eye out for more updates from Luciano Cigars, including new projects already in progress!