Gilligan Golf

This cigar really showed up ready to play. It was diverse, but at the same time very focused. Admittedly, this cigar isn’t typically in the category of cigars I enjoy (vitola and wrapper), but it ripped right through that and really impressed me. It had me tasting notes that I’ve never gotten out of a cigar. This cigar really reminds me of a perfect New England Fall and it just so happens that we are entering that here in New Hampshire. Light this one up by a nice bonfire and you won’t be disappointed. The only complaint I have is some cracking on the wrapper, but this didn’t at all affect the overall experience of this cigar. It had the strength that lends me to recommend it as an afternoon or nighttime smoke.

Pairing Suggestions: Pumpkin Beer, Octoberfest Beer, Light Lager, S’mores, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, after a Chocolate based dessert, Wild Turkey 101, Fireball Whiskey, Brandy, Dr. Pepper, around a Campfire.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano/ Binder: Nicaraguan Sumatra / Filler: Estelí, Jalapa, Nicaraguan, Ometepe

Vitola: Churchill

Factory: Tabacalera Guardabarranco Esteli / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Earth, Brown Leather

Milk Chocolate


At light up, I’m getting a molasses sweetness and a very standard tobacco note. Quite a bit of spiciness is present on the palate and with that an equally peppery retrohale. The molasses sweetness fades quickly and is replaced by a very nice red pepper spice, both on the palate and with the retrohale. As the first third closes out, the spice dials back and leather comes out dominating the flavor profile.

The second third kicks off with the leather note still dominating over everything else. The retrohale has dialed back significantly and is offering little spice. Burnt marshmallow emerges as I progress through the second third. To me, burnt marshmallow is a good thing and it’s reminiscent of a nice campfire. Heading into the final third the leather is taking a back seat to the marshmallow sweetness.

The final third opens up with the long awaited addition of milk chocolate. It’s the same exact milk chocolate I was getting on the foot pre-light. The milk chocolate mingling with the burnt marshmallow is bringing out an amazing s’mores note. The only thing missing is the graham cracker. The retrohale is still pretty tame, but offers enough red pepper to keep it interesting. As the final third comes to a close, burnt marshmallow and milk chocolate leads the way.

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Andrew Nagle

My name is Andrew Nagle and I live in a small town in New Hampshire. I spend my days working Quality Control for an Aerospace manufacturing company. I’m an avid Boston sports fan. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and three dogs.