UPDATED: AJ Fernandez Teases New Packaging For San Lotano

AJ Fernandez is never satisfied with the way it’s always been done. He respects tradition, but doesn’t let it get in the way of innovation. Even though the San Lotano line has already received high ratings and is a recognizable brand with years of awareness built up in the minds of enthusiasts and shop owners, AJF Cigars is always looking to level up.

AJ himself has revealed some images featuring completely updated packaging for one of the Requiem expressions of the San Lotano lineup. No confirmation as of yet regarding whether all five lines are getting the updated look, however AJF isn’t known as a company for doing anything halfway – so it isn’t unlikely. Fans and those familiar with any of AJF’s New World brand will recognize the look of this packaging, which it is very much in line with.

What we have been shown of the new packaging reveals no text that would tell a passerby whether it contains the Connecticut, Habano, or Maduro versions – but as long as the bands remain the same, there is a secondary one on each individual cigar that signifies which blend it is. It could be that the color of the border on each different box would coordinate with the colors of the existing boxes. You can see below what all 5 lines in the brand currently looks like, as well as what color corresponds with each. You’ll quickly notice that the packaging for the Dominicano, the 5th and most recent addition to the San Lotano lineup, is almost a hybrid design between the old look and the new one. It’s fascinating to see the progression and promising that an operation as large as AJF still looks for gaps that could be filled.

Looking at the New World it is clear that the new San Lotano look is imbued with a similar aesthetic, especially the glowing gold of the Dorado – which happens to also be the fifth and most recent addition to the lineup it is an expression of. To give better context to the cohesion that is happening across the AJF brands, all of the existing New World boxes appear below:

Updated 10/18: The next day, Cigar Aficionado published a piece that confirms that the full San Lotano line is being updated. A really interesting addition they provide is the reasoning behind the current boxes – in the early days of the FDA’s deeming rule uncertainty, these simple boxes left room for any big labels or warnings that might have to eventually be placed on them. Go check it out, they’ve also got official images that other outlets won’t have until CA’s exclusivity window expires.

Do you have a favorite AJF line? Will you miss the old packaging if this is an official update, or will they be easier to see on a shelf now? Let everyone know in the comments below!