Inca Secret Blend Monumento

This is a consistent cigar, it maintained the same flavors throughout. It never got extremely bitter and the notes worked well together. The only issues I encountered during my experience had to do with the burn. Both cigars I tested ended up with burn issues. Each one needed to be corrected, but this cigar still maintained great flavor notes. I could definitely see this cigar as my 1st of the day. It would definitely pair great with a cup of coffee with some cream. I do think the cream would add a sweet note that this cigar may not offer every palate.

Wrapper: Peru / Binder: Peru / Filler: Peru

Vitola: Torpedo / Size: 6 × 52

Factory: Tabacalera del Oriente / Country of Origin: Peru


Fresh cut grass, hay, slight sweetness

Tight draw, musty leaves with a pepper spice on the lips

On the light up, dark coffee, dry oak, and saw dust. The draws tight and the retro is a medium white pepper. Into the 3rd, lots of coffee and dry black walnuts with a slight touch of oak on the finish. The retro brings lots of white pepper and oak. The draw is tight and is like drinking milkshake through a straw. Smoke is thin and dry. Burn on both cigars went bad In the 1st 3rd and had to be fixed.

Into the 2nd 3rd the primary notes are black walnut and a Woody oak. The coffee has fallen away but comes back on the finish. The draw has opened up a little bit and allows more smoke. The retro is a medium white pepper and nuts. Smoke texture is thick but drying. Once again the burn needs to be corrected.

The final 3rd sees a return of the coffee. Lots of dark roast coffee, black walnut, and white pepper. The draw is wide open and the burn is perfect. The 1st cigar maintained a bad burn the whole time so I'm happy that this one has gotten a little better. At this point the smoke texture is thick but a little drying and the retro is white pepper and nuts.

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Charles Ruth

Live in Newport Tennessee. Husband to an amazing woman. Father to three amazing kids. Current President of Ash Hole Cigar Club Tennessee.