Boutique Cigar Association Names CigarBox Marketing As Agency of Record

Today, the Boutique Cigar Association has taken yet another step in their mission to help shape the future of the industry. The BCA has selected CigarBox Marketing as its Integrated Digital Strategy and Media Agency of Record. CBM is a leading woman-owned, cigar industry-centric digital marketing agency that will develop and shepherd the BCA’s integrated marketing strategy and oversee all aspects of communications from creative, press and media announcements to individual customer interactions. Going even further, CBM will provide vital business intelligence and insights through their leading technology dashboard.

A more visible BCA is a more legitimate BCA. The more legitimacy and reach any association has, the louder a community’s voices can be amplified. Moving forward with an agency whose sole mission is to excel at that endeavor is being perceived by many as clear signal that this is only the beginning. 

“We have been working with Cigar Box Marketing for over 2 years now and have really been impressed with the results. Focus driven marketing with a thorough understanding of the premium cigar industry,” shares Dr. Gaby Kafie, Founder of the BCA & President of Kafie Trading Company.  He adds that “Cathy is by far the most knowledgeable person I have worked with in terms of online marketing.  She has helped define our company goals and has exceeded our expectations.” The simple but powerful truth behind the BCA’s mission is that there is strength in numbers. The BCA combines the collective knowledge, experience, and resources of every company and individual involved to help everyone succeed.

Cathy M. Poturny, CBM Principal and Chief Marketing Officer, has already been working closely with the Association sharing her expertise and is uniquely placed to be able to usher in the next phase of the organization’s growth.  “The BCA has worked very hard and tirelessly to be a voice to boutique cigar brands.  We have stepped in to help prioritize their messaging, digital footprint and serve as advisor to the board of directors and members at large,” explains Cathy. “This has been an incredible opportunity to add our voice to a team of truly dedicated business people. We have thoroughly enjoyed being one of the driving forces in the rebranding and messaging for the BCA.  Partnering with them during this surge in well-deserved recognition continues to drive us to even greater heights.” 

Were you already familiar with the Boutique Cigar Association? How much of your humidor is dedicated to “boutique” cigars? Let us know in the comments below!