You’re Invited To Experience The Haunting of J.C. Newman!

Just in time for this month’s sanctioned mischief, J.C. Newman has announced two unique opportunities to experience a decidedly darker side of their world-renowned El Reloj factory. They’ve partnered with Ybor City Historic Walking Tours to offer an hour long adventure filled with rich history and vibrant storytelling! They share that, “tens of thousands of people, cigar enthusiasts and the like have passed through our doors…and some…may have never left.” On Thursday, October 6th, and Thursday, October 27th, you too can enjoy this unique encounter for just $20 per person. Each of the dates listed is also a direct link to buy that day’s tickets, and there are only 40 spots available for each of the two tours, so get yours before they’re gone!

Speaking of spooky, have you seen the 8 part The Haunting of J.C. Newman video series? Team members who have spent time at El Reloj share first person accounts of the weird phenomena they’ve encountered in the factory. Everyone, it would seem, has experienced some level of strangeness in their time at the 112 year old facility. Some are odd, others are downright frightening…have fun watching all the videos! Just press play on the video below and the next one will play automatically until you’ve seen them all.

Have you ever been to the historic El Reloj factory? Have you ever experienced something strange like the team members in the videos? Planning anything special for your cigar enjoyment this month? I can’t wait to hear all about it in the comments below!